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Gerber Files and Their Various Types

As an engineer, you need to send your PCB schematics to a stencil manufacturer in a way that lets them understand what you need. A Gerber file can help you do this. Gerber files simply record the layout of your PCB, enabling manufacturers to efficiently follow your exact specifications.

Rework Stencils to Solve Board Repair Challenges: A Closer Look

If you work in the nearly 1 trillion dollar engineering industry, you already know the importance of frequent circuit board maintenance. Applying soldering paste to precise locations that require repairs would take a lot of patience and expert tools to do manually, but there's a great alternative for repairing your board: rework stencils. Keep reading to learn how rework stencils can help with board repair and ensure a perfect fit for your parts.

SMT Stencils and Why MicroScreen Sets the Gold Standard

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are a vital component of all types of electronics, and the demand for them has never been higher. The PCB market is already worth more than $50 billion and expected to grow to more than $70 billion by 2025.