Improve Efficiency with Nanocoatings

Solder paste not releasing properly from your stencil? Looking for a way to increase yields during PCB assembly? Nanocoatings are the solution. Use them on stencils to improve transfer efficiency, minimize insufficient solder paste deposits and other defects, and enhance your cleaning process.

Types of Nanocoatings


MicroGlide is a SAMP (self-assembled monolayers phosphonate) stencil coating that comes packaged in a two-part, single-use wipe. This stencil treatment technology improves print quality, repels flux, enhances printing with small apertures, increases overall efficiency, and lowers your total costs. The product uniformly coats the entire surface and aperture walls, and aperture sizing does not need to be adjusted.

Product Benefits

  • Helps reduce cleaning frequency and eliminate common defects like insufficient material, and solder balling
  • Paste is deposited more easily and uniformly, allowing more boards to be printed between stencil cleanings
  • Allows the area ratio to exceed the suggested limitations
  • Highly accurate, self-limiting, reliable monolayer
  • Does not contaminate flux or solder paste
  • Will not clog aperture or impact aperture size
  • Up to 25k print cycles
  • Can be reapplied at any time to any stencil


MicroGlide Platinum

MicroGlide Platinum is the most advanced and most durable Nanocoating on the market today. An extremely thin layer of nanomaterial is heat-fused onto the stencil surface at very high temperatures. MicroGlide Platinum is an extremely durable stencil coating technology that improves print quality, enhances printing with small apertures, increases efficiency, and helps lower your total costs.

Product Benefits

  • Thinner, better contour than MicroGlide
  • Does not crack or chip
  • Processes quickly and cures in 15 minutes
  • Bonds well to stainless steel
  • Reduced insufficient solder paste deposits
  • Excellent solder paste release
  • Heat-fusion makes it durable and prevents flaking
  • Long-lasting coating

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