Microscreen News



Elevate your stencil performance with MicroGlide: an industry proven stencil treatment technology that improves print quality, increases efficiency, lowers total costs, and enhances printing with small apertures.

MicroGlide is a highly accurate, self-limiting, reliable monolayer that equally coats the entire surface and apertures with the exact same thickness coating (Source: TEM study).

Should MicroGlide wear off it will never contaminate flux or paste as there is too little bulk material to measurably impact the solder paste. It is also not possible to ever clog the aperture and will leave the aperture size un-impacted

MicroGlide starts out more repellent than the Fluoropolymer version sold by other manufacturers and can be checked for function over time with a dyne pen for reapplication. Users typically report 25K print cycles.

The applied coating is only one molecule thick; aperture size does not have to be adjusted to compensate for thicker coatings. MicroGlide can be reapplied at any time to any stencil, at minimal cost and no extra processing time.