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MicroScreen Debuts New Website

We have launched our new website, and the features are tremendous! We concentrate on Customer Service and Product Support, and we have built this website for you, our Partners in the Industry. 

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We learned from our customers seeking new ways to research our products and a better way to order through our site, so we completely demolished the old site and built a new one. 


Homepage SS

The new Home page focuses on innovative solutions for you and your team. We know budgets are tight and time is limited, and that is why our experience in the industry and our thorough design and consultation process will help you maximize your production goals. 


What are the Market Applications?

When looking for ideas for your market or if we can handle your request, the Market Applications page will give you the answers you need. With our Research and Development Department working hard to introduce MicroScreen to new industry applications, we can develop new and creative ways to provide a Hybrid or Thick-film Screen or Laser-Cut Stencil, with or without MicroGlide Platinum Stencil Coating, for your production process. 


Looking for a new solution to your supply chain or a consultation to solve your SMT line issues?  Click below to check out the new site and be sure to fill out the Contact Us form and tell us about your needs.


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