Microelectronics Stencil Frame Recycling Service

Microelectronics Stencil Frame Recycling Service

Sustainable screen recycling for various industries

What do you do with your stencils when they're no longer needed? In the effort to optimize production and enhance profitability, it can be all too easy to overlook the little things that can make a big difference to your business.

One of these is recycling. There are many reasons recycling is beneficial, which is why, if you're not already doing so, finding a way to recycle as many of your waste materials as possible should be an important corporate objective.


If you've got a bunch of old stencil frames stuffed in a corner somewhere, or (perhaps worse) you’re paying someone to take them away, wouldn't it be great if there was a company out there that would not only recycle your stencil frames but also provide credit for doing so? Well, that company is MicroScreen, leading the way with an innovative stencil frame recycling project.


To make your recycling goal that bit easier to achieve, MicroScreen has taken the initiative and put in place a free recycling service for your stencil frames. Below are details of the service as well as information about how recycling is one of the best things you can do for your company, your customers, and our planet.

Stencil Credit for Old Stencil Frames

Rather than allowing old stencil frames to pile up and occupy valuable storage space or simply throwing them away to end up in landfills, why not send them to us? MicroScreen offers $10 of stencil credit for every usable frame that you return to us. This is a much higher rate than you could get by selling the stencil for scrap. 

Unique Stencil Recycling Service

Our stencil credit recycling service is unique to us here at MicroScreen. We are proud to take the lead in providing our customers with a convenient, profitable method of recycling their used stencil frames. Our service is straightforward and a great way to get rid of something you no longer need, at the same time as accruing some useful stencil credit to be used on fresh items as required.

What Does Frame Recycling Do for Me?

There are many reasons businesses are eager to sign up for our stencil recycling service! For example,

Improved Green Credentials

These days, making ethically sound choices is good for business. Customers are paying more and more attention to how businesses manage their environmental impact. A growing number of consumers are making purchasing decisions based on the responsibility that a business shows towards its employees, its supply chain, and its carbon footprint. 


By recycling your stencil frames—and making sure to publicize your corporate commitment to the planet—you can make your business more attractive to environmentally conscious customers. You may even gain additional contracts from buyers who recognize and value your green efforts.

Accrue Frame Credit for Future Stencils

What's better than being green? Being green and getting paid for it! That's exactly what happens when you return usable stencil frames to MicroScreen. We credit your account $10 for every usable stencil frame you return to us. This can add up to substantial discounts on your stencil orders. 

Remove Clutter

Square footage costs money, so it's important to use it wisely. Discarded frames take up space that could be put to profitable use. By pairing recycling with other decluttering initiatives, you could free up a surprisingly large amount of space.

Reduce Your Waste Disposal Costs

Using recycling services like MicroScreen’s allows you to generate less waste, which could reduce your garbage bill.

Frame Recycling FAQs

Do I need to remove the stencils before sending the frames to you?

No! We've tried to make our recycling service as convenient and user-friendly as possible for our customers. There's no need to do anything to the stencil frames before returning them to us. Once we've received your frames, we'll sandblast them so they're pristine and ready to be used again.

What's the best way to return frames?

We usually recommend that our recycling service users send their frames a pallet at a time, using the cheapest freight service available. Alternatively, you can drop your frames off to us at one of our branches, which are located in a variety of locations across the US.

Are your recycling prices competitive?

We always aim to pay more than the current scrap rate, ensuring you end up with a bigger return when you send your stencil frames to MicroScreen.

Other Benefits of MicroScreen

Our recycling service is just one of the many ways we work to give our customers more. We provide high-quality stencils and screens that are suitable for a wide range of applications. With forty years of experience behind us, we're proud to offer every client a selection of product solutions to meet the specific needs of their organizations. 


With a quality control process that's certified to ISO 9001:2015 and fast (often same-day) delivery, MicroScreen is always looking for fresh ways to give our customers a better standard of service. To learn more about stencils, screens, industry applications, and more, subscribe to our blog!

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