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What Are Step Stencils and When Should I Use Them?

Surface-mount technology is the process method for attaching components to a PCB. A surface-mount stencil allows the solder paste to be deposited onto the board and act as the ‘glue’ to hold the component in place.

Guidelines for Processing Sensitized Screens

The market continues to see rapid changes. The companies surviving the fray are flexible and move faster than their competitors. Everyone is trying to fabricate their next best product.

How to Specify Screen Emulsions

As one of the oldest and most versatile forms of printing, emulsion screens are an integral tool for a range of manufacturing processes. Used for decades, emulsion screens provide uniformity across large areas at high resolution.

How to Specify Screens for Electronics and Adhesive Printing

The microelectronics industry is essential to the automotive, communication, medical, and test measurement industries. Each of these industries require precision screens for the printing of circuits and adhesives. Several factors affect the quality of electronic printing. Today we’ll review what you should know to make the right precision screen choice to achieve the best results for your printing application.

Everything You Need to Know About Nanocoating

Did you know experts predict the market for high performance nanocoatings will nearly double in the next seven years? When you hear the term nanocoatings (also known as ceramic coatings), the first thing that comes to mind might be the shiny glaze you put on the mug you made in art class. You might not think of the automotive and aerospace industries or cutting-edge companies like MicroScreen, but nanocoatings have a wide range of applications in these and other industries.

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